CODEL Faculty

Dr. Wise teaching EDL 561 at Summer Residency

EDL Core Content Course Fresno Faculty CSUCI Faculty
551 Organizational Theory and Leadership in Complex Organizations Debra Harris Genevieve Evans-Taylor
552 Educational Reform Nancy Akhavan Charles Weis
553 Educational Policy Environments Glenn DeVoogd TBD
554 Advanced Applied Quantitative Research Methods Susan Tracz TBD
556 Conceptual Curriculum Perspectives for Educational Leadership Christina Luna Elizabeth Quintero
557 Advanced Applied Qualitative Research Methods Jim Mullooly Bob Bleicher
558 Theories of Cross-Cultural Education Juan Carlos Gonzalez Annie White
559 Advanced Applied Research and Measurement in Education Christian Wandeler TBD
561 Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Planning Don Wise Gary Kinsey
CODEL Affiliate Faculty Campus
Dr. Kimberly Coy Fresno
Dr. Mabel Franks Fresno
Dr. Laura Gonzalez Fresno
Dr. Jessica Hannigan Fresno
Dr. Pamela Lane-Garon Fresno
Dr. Bernie Luskin Channel Islands
Dr. Cesar Morales Channel Islands
Dr. Linda Thomas Fresno
Dr. Juliet Wahleithner Fresno
Dr. Jennifer Moradian Watson Fresno
Dr. Dennis Wiechmann Fresno
Dr. Mariya Yukhymenko Fresno