Student Testimonials

“The CODEL program can be described in three deeply-rooted words: ambition, discovery, and growth. First, the ambition and autonomy to be your best self, and to actively engage in a learning environment has been extraordinary. Second, the opportunity to discover and learn in an online enriched environment has challenged me to reach new levels in how I approach technological tools and resources. Finally, in a few short months, I have already grown in the way I think, in the way I act, and in the way I learn.  Growth also extends to my cohort family, as they represent a symbol of unity and team work that strengthens our education and professional pathways to success. I feel very lucky to be part of such a dynamic program and educational community.”

- Nicole Rodriguez (Cohort 1 – Higher Ed)

“Since joining this program, it has truly increased my depth of knowledge of education and leadership.”

- Peter Flores (Cohort 1 – P12)

“The CODEL program has given me the opportunity to engage in a progressive, collaborative model of instruction that is steeped in cultural, theoretical and practical expertise. The opportunity to study my area of interest in the context of leadership is invaluable, making the program markedly personalized.  The cohort model of CODEL and the 8-week courses have been obtainable for a working professional in education. I am proud to be a part of the CODEL learning community."

- Adria Taha-Resnick (Cohort 1 – Higher Ed)

"I am proud to me part of the first CODEL Cohort leading the way for all future P12 and Higher Education leaders who will follow behind us. I researched a variety of doctoral programs and what they had to offer regarding their philosophy, program costs, time commitment, program model and geographical location. For me, the CODEL program just made sense and has allowed me to pursue my dream of obtaining a doctoral degree while at the same time balancing my other commitments of working full time, being a mom, wife and grandma. Most importantly, the CODEL program  is committed to teaching courses from a social justice perspective and includes pedagogy around issues of ethics, equity and social justice. My goal with the achievement of my doctoral degree is to become an educational leader capable of using a critical lens to bring about transformative change throughout educational communities. The CODEL program is already allowing me to do just that!" 

- Carolyn Bernal (Cohort 1 – P12)

“CODEL provides an opportunity to learn from peers outside of your area.  The blended-learning format allows me to balance my life, personally and professionally, while laying a foundation to include strategic planning, leadership, and a broader scope of student success."

- Tosha Giuffrida (Cohort 1 – Higher Ed)