Requirements for Graduation and Completion

Requirements for Graduation

Students must complete the 60-unit course sequence with a grade of B or better in each course, pass the Qualifying Examination, and pass a preliminary and final defense of their dissertation.

Applying to Graduate

Students must apply to graduate at the beginning of the intended graduation term in accordance with Division of Graduate Studies procedures and deadlines. Applications to graduate can be withdrawn (the fee forfeited); however, applications cannot be submitted late. Therefore, it is recommended that students complete the application process if there is even a remote possibility of graduation. The process to apply for graduation includes completing Form 9 [Application for the Granting of the Degree of Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership], submitting the Degree Service Form and $20.00 fee to the Fresno State Cashier’s Office. Deadlines for the graduation application filing period may be obtained from the Fresno State Division of Graduate Studies website, however please note that CODEL students do not use the online general graduation application (Form 9 is the CODEL specific form). All incomplete grades, whether or not they are CODEL courses, must be cleared before the degree can be posted to the student transcript. Students must register an intent to submit a dissertation with the Fresno State Division of Graduate Studies, Dissertation/Thesis Office (DTO) at the start of the anticipated graduation term. Instructions are available on the DTO website.

Policy on Graduates Participating in Commencement Ceremonies

When the dates are not in conflict, eligible students may participate in graduation ceremonies (including Hooding and Commencement) at either or both campuses –Fresno State or Channel Islands. To be considered eligible to participate in Commencement, all final changes have been made to the dissertation as required by the committee; the dissertation committee chair has signed all forms related to the completion of the dissertation; and the final dissertation document has been sent to the Division of Graduate Studies, DTO for final review. Students must also meet all pertinent program timelines pertaining to graduation.

Commencement Ceremonies

CODEL graduates will participate in the 2019 Commencement Ceremony to be held at to be held at CSU Channel Island Campus on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 9:00a.m. The setting for the Commencement ceremony will be outdoors on the Central Mall. It is a beautiful location with shade trees and accessible seating. There will be two ceremonies on this day, one at 9am and one at 3pm. The School of Education, and CODEL Doctoral students will participate in only the 9a.m. ceremony.