CODEL Core Course Descriptions

Curricular Design

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is a 60-unit degree with 27 units of Core courses, 21 units of Specialization courses, and 12 Dissertation units. Fieldwork components are embedded in many of the Core and Specialization Courses. The degree program has two focal areas or strands, one in P-12 Education Leadership and the other in Post-Secondary Education Leadership (including Community College leadership and administration). Students progress through the program in cohorts. Students from both strands will take core courses together, and then will split off during their specialization phase.

The program can be completed in three (3) years, or nine (9) semesters (Summer/Fall/Spring continuous enrollment). Students desiring to take longer may do so by not registering for dissertation units during the final year. The target population for this program is educators who are leaders or have the potential to be education leaders in either the P-12 or Higher Education (Community College) sectors. The program is organized by 15 eight-week course sessions and 3 one-week intensive residencies scheduled during the summers.

Core Courses (Required for all tracks) (27 units):

Specialization Courses (21 units):

These may be different from cohort to cohort. Specific courses to be offered will be based on the needs of the student members of each cohort. Specialization course topics may include leadership for equity and social justice, curriculum leadership, human resource administration, professional learning communities, community college administration, interpersonal leadership and conflict resolution, professional ethics and moral issues in education, and writing for publication.

Mode of Delivery:

Seventy-five percent of contact hours will occur via distance/online delivery. This program is comprised of 9 core courses (27 units or 405 contact hours), 7 specialization courses (21 units, 315 contact hours) and 12 hours of dissertation units, for a total of 60 units that can be completed in a three-year period. Of 720 course contact hours, 180 will be offered in person during three summer residencies, each of which will be approximately one week long (a minimum of 60 contact hours per residency).