Learning Online

Technology: Minimal Expectations

  • A web enabled device from which to access the course in Canvas
  • Computers
    • At Fresno State and CSU Channel Islands, computers and communications links to remote resources are recognized as being integral to the education and research experience. Every student is required to have his/her own computer or have other personal access to a workstation (including a modem and a printer) with all the recommended software. The minimum and recommended standards for the workstations and software, which may vary by academic major, are updated periodically and are available from Information Technology Services at both campuses In the curriculum and class assignments, students are presumed to have 24-hour access to a computer workstation and the necessary communication links to the University's information resources.
  • Word processing and presentation software necessary for completing assignments
  • Plug-ins: Acrobat Reader, PowerPoint Viewer
  • Voicethread and headset
  • Gmail account

Self Assess: Student Readiness for Online Learning (MERLOT)

This collection of online resources provides examples of self-administered assessments designed to help students evaluate their readiness for online classes. Most of the resources have been developed and used by universities. Access Student Readiness for Online Learning (MERLOT).

  1. Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire
  2. Online Readiness Self-Assessment
  3. Skills for Effective Online Learning
  4. Online Learning Readiness Assessment
  5. Student Self-Assessment
  6. TOOLS: Test of Online Learning Success
  7. Assessing Readiness for E-Learning
  8. Self Assessment of Online Learning Readiness
  9. Smarter Measure Assessment Tool for Student Readiness for Online Learning
  10. Self-evaluation for students considering taking Distance Learning courses
  11. OASIS - Online Assessment System for Internet Student