Summer Residency Weeks

The CODEL program can be completed in three years. Students will attend an intensive Summer Residency each of the three summers they are enrolled in the program (in the range of 4-5 days per residency.

During Summer Residency Weeks, students and faculty will live in dormitory housing or local lodging on or near the CSU Channel Islands or Fresno State campuses and engage together in community-building, orientation, advising and coursework activities.

You are expected to arrive at either the CSU Channel Islands or Fresno State campus for Summer Residency Week on the evening before the week gets underway.  Travel directions and a map of the campus will be sent to you in advance of your Summer Residency Week.  It is expected that everyone will utilize the lodging on campus in the first summer, as we are not only beginning our studies, but also building cohort camaraderie during the limited days we have everyone together in person.  That is also the reason we ask that no family members accompany you to the residency week, as we want to focus our total time on preparing you for your studies, CODEL protocols, program resources and allow for conversations with CODEL faculty and staff.

A detailed agenda for the week will be provided in advance of the Summer Residency, and various sessions and activities will occur each day from 8:00 am to approximately 8:00 pm on Monday through Thursday of the week.   Our schedule on Fridays, will be from 8:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm.  For those who are flying to Southern California for the Summer Residency week at CSU Channel Islands, please allow at least 90 minutes travel time to either Burbank (Bob Hope Airport) or Los Angeles (LAX) from CSU Channel Islands.  Amtrak service is available to Camarillo and there is bus service from the train station in Camarillo to CSU Channel Islands (though that bus service may be limited on Sunday).  The Fresno State campus is only 15 minutes from the Fresno-Yosemite International Airport.

The meals for the Summer Residency Weeks will be provided at the campus dining hall facilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  An exception will be for a special celebration dinner occurring on the Thursday evening at each Summer Residency Week.  Please advise our staff of any dietary restrictions. The cost for lodging and meals for an entire Summer Residency week will typically be $500 to $750 and is subject to change.