IRB Requirements

Institutional Review Board- IRB

CODEL students wishing to conduct research involving human subjects are required to review the policies and procedures for research involving human subjects at California State University, Fresno.

Following the completion of the Preliminary Oral Defense, students must submit CODEL Form 5 [CSUF Human Subjects Research Exemption Statement] to the doctoral program office for review. If the research is exempt under the Fresno State Handbook, as determined by the Fresno State (department-level) review committee, the research proposal need not be submitted to the California State University, Fresno Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS).

The human subjects review process is very important and is taken very seriously. Any violations of campus or federal human subjects’ protection policies can have catastrophic results. The University can lose all federal funding and be banned from receiving future funding.

Please read all requirements. The latest version of the Fresno State Policy and Procedures for Research with Human Subjects may be obtained from

Failure to read and understand the requirements or fill out the forms correctly will result in major delays in your research. You may not begin doing your research until you have received approval to do so. You must be a student enrolled in the university in order to conduct any research involving human subjects.